Submitted by amit on Sat, 2005-05-21 09:41

I don't know somehow even though I'm a gadget guy I have never even had as much as curiosity to look at the iPod... let alone put it on my wish list....

Right now there two items at the top of my wishlist:

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark IICanon EOS 1Ds Mark II

This is an awsome piece of equipment.
A 16MP camera with a 11 frame image buffer and 4992 x 3328 highest resolution. This one has a full 35mm CCD so it comes closest to a film SLR camera in terms of image quality.
It has so many different connectivity options: USB, FireWire, an optional adaptor that provides WiFi!!!
Well this is going to remain on my wishlist for a loooooooong time.
Just look at the pricetag for this a whopping $8000!!!!
Unless Canon offers a cheaper EOS Rebel version of this model it'sgoing to be on my  wish list for ever.....

The other one is a Camcorder:

Panasonic PV-GS400

This is a 3CCD camcorder with an optical image stabilizer.
For those who don't know, optical image stabilizer it is a mechanical arrangement that shifts the lens assembly  as your hand shakes. Since it is mechanical no image quality is lost like in the digital image stabilizers which compensate through image processing (and hence lose image quality). The 3 CCDs capture vivid colors which look more professional than the washed out look of the consumer camcorders. And this camera comes equipped with Leica Dicomar lens with 12x optical zoom. In addition to that they have many more goodies...

Prices ranges from about $1000 to $1500 on the internet... this seems a more reasonable price range for me to acquire in the near term than the Canon Digital SLR and my Sony TRV-103 DV camera is very old now (I bought it in 1998!)