Submitted by amit on Thu, 2005-09-22 11:37
Audiovox SMT 5600I got a new thing to play with yesterday. I bought a new cell phone. Audiovox SMT 5600. It has all the bells and whistles that you get on a regular cell phone. But this phone is more than that. It's a smart phone. That means I can use it as a PDA. And it comes with Windows Media Player 10. This phone also has a miniSD card slot. I just checked on the internet that now miniSD cards come in 1GB size too. I just ordered one from zipzoomfly. On 1GB card I can fit hundreds of songs and take them with me. The phone comes with stereo headset and a nice carrying case too.

Here's a list of most notable features of this phone I like:
  • 200 MHz ARM processor
  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Windows Media Player 10
  • Synchronization with Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Mail and To Do list over infrared, bluetooth and USB cable
  • Battery charging when connected to PC with USB cable
  • Really small and light (3.6 ounces)
  • Big and Bright LCD
  • Ability to install other software packages available for Smart Phone.
  • It has a 'Flight Mode' which turns off all the radios, so I can keep using the PDA functions (and MP3 player) during air travel without breaking any rules.
So now I have a device that is a cell phone, PDA and an MP3 player all rolled into one. Now only if I can find a GPS software specifically designed for SmarPhones my search for the super gadget will be over (well, at least for the time being). Well actually there is at least one SmartPhone based GPS navigation package available but I'm still searching for the one I like and afford.

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