Submitted by amit on Tue, 2008-09-02 13:42
Today Google announced a new browser! Chrome. It's available for immediate download. There is an elaborate comic book style story of the idea behind it all too. I just got my hands on this browser and after about 15 minutes of browsing with it, I am impressed. It is only available for Windows right now. It downloaded and automatically used all the IE settings, offered to import bookmarks from existing browsers. It didn't need to download any plug-ins to work. It uses existing plug-ins from your other browsers. And looking at the "Task Manager" where I saw an ActiveX plug-in, it seems like it can also make use of the Internet Explorer plug-ins. So no plug-in mess to deal with. And the most impressive thing is speed!!! It loaded my Gmail page almost instantaneously. After using so many different products from Google, like the desktop search, Gmail, Picasa and others, I have come to expect certain quality and different thinking behind each of Google's offerings, and Chrome is no exception.