Submitted by amit on Wed, 2007-09-05 22:20

This sounds interesting. Now all the Microsoft "Live" programs come bundled into one nice "suite". The writer looks really polished. Interesting part about it is that when you create a new blog it copies the style sheet from your blog so you can actually see how the text (including all the formatting) will look before your post. For some reason I am not comfortable with the web based WYSIWYG editors. They still have problems or have limited features or the interface is just ugly. Some are OK, like the FCKEditor. But integrating them into your web site and having the image upload work seamlessly is just such a headache. Writer has this nice interface where you can pick a picture from the web and just insert it. For example, I just inserted a thumbnail from my photo album on the web and added a link to the photo album. It took me all of 15-20 seconds. I would have to jump through hoops to get it on other blog sites. I have used ScribeFire before, which integrates nicely with your web browser (only Firefox) and provides similar functionality. But I find Writer to be more polished and solid. I also know about Flock. It's an excellent idea. But it is taking too long to get to version 1.0. I have waited too long. At least till flock reaches 1.0 I'm going to stick with Writer.

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