Submitted by amit on Tue, 2005-12-06 07:01
We are in Orlando, FL. Yesterday's drive was really tiring.
Throughout the I-75 drive in Georgia, we had rain. And at times it was so heavy we could not see much farther than 100-200 feet. I could barely see the tail lights of the vehicle in front of me. About 25 miles into Florida there was no rain, very little clouds and the roads were dry. We reached the hotel at about 7:30pm.

There's no wireless access in the room. I'm writing this from the hotel lobby only where wireless access is available.

The weather is not very exciting. It's cloudy today and temperature in 60-70 range with chances of rain in the forecast. And as soon as we leave here on Friday, it'll be sunny again, says the weatherman!

Today and tomorrow we are visiting Disney. We're skipping Universal this time and will go on visit the space center on Thursday and then meet another of my friend from college who lives close by.