Submitted by amit on Thu, 2009-10-22 12:41

Windows 7 is out today. But I have been using it for a long time now. On my home PC and also on my work laptop. Yes my day to day work is all about Linux but for office connectivity and productivity work I use my office laptop with Window 7. Here's a short list of what I like about Windows 7:

  1. New taskbar: I like the new taskbar. This is much much better than having a button for each window. Pinning the applications to the taskbar is very easy too. I also like the new behavior of the system tray where it hides away all the tray icons and don't clutter the taskbar with a lot of clutter.
  2. Aero Peek: This is so handy. Say I'm working on a document and a new mail notification shows up. On older windows versions I would have to switch to Outlook to take a quick look at the new mail, then switch back to my document. On 7, I can just hover my mouse over the Outlook icon on the taskbar and then point my mouse to the Outlok window thumbnail and Outlook window comes to the front. I never use the Desktop as dumping ground for downloads or other files, so the desktop quick look function but that is nifty too if you want to take a quick look at your desktop hover your mouse over a small empty strip at the right most side of your taskbar.
  3. Windows 7 boots faster on my laptop and feels much faster. Battery life has been great.
  4. The network connectivity UI has been streamlined. I like the new interface much better because it shows me the signal strength of all the available networks and lets me quickly connect.
  5. Snap: On my widescreen monitor I have enough space to open two documents side by side and it's easy to do that by just dragging a window to right and then another to left edge and you have two half size windows side by side. Another one is to grab the window border and drag it to the bottom and the window maximises vertically (that is it keeps its current width but spans the whole height). You can also maximize a window by grabbing the title bar and dragging it towards the top edge.
  6. User Account Control has become much un-annoying compared to Windows Vista. This is a welcome change. And for those paranoid types you can still customize it to your liking.

There are many many more but these are the ones I like most and use most. For a complete list head over to Microsoft's site. Over all a very good product after a disappointing Windows Vista. I was so frustated with Vista that I was contemplating moving to a Mac. I also bought a Mac Mini to give Mac a try. But with 7 I don't see any reason to move to Mac now.

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