Submitted by amit on Thu, 2007-08-02 03:42

Accessing internet after a long long time... at least that's how it feels like. We both (me and Shraddha) are so addicted to the net that now even a few day's away from the net feels like long.

My last blog was from Pattaya after which we visited Bangkok, Genting and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and now we are in Singapore.

Genting Highlands was a cozy little place near to the Kuala Lumpur city with a small amusement park. It was cold but bearable. We enjoyed most of the rides. KL was nice city too.

Today was a free day for shopping which we didn't do much. Electronics goods are much more expensive here in Singapore compared to USA. We went to the Mustafa Centre shop (very popular among Indian tourists) and found that most electronics items and computers are expensive compared to USA.

We went to Sentosa Island yesterday where we saw the Singapore Cultural Museum, and the Song of the Sea laser show. The laser show was quite spectacular. In the morning we went for the city tour. Singapore is a very nice city with greenery all around. With about 4.5 million population all cramped up in a largish country and no country side at all it's quite strange. But the city is really wonderful. We arrived in Singapore on 31st July and visited the Zoo for the Night Safari. It was very nice.

Tomorrow we are visiting Jurong Bird Park about which we have heard from a lot of people. Later that day we are flying back to India. We'll reach Pune in the wee hours of 4th August.

All in all we have had a wonderful time so far and we are looking forward to get back with our little ones in Pune.

I'll keep posting.