Submitted by amit on Wed, 2007-07-25 05:51

Day 4 since we started our south-east asia trip. We left Pune late night on 22nd. On day 2 we took a Mumbai-Kolkata-Bangkok flight and then a bus ride to Pattaya. Day 3 we went to Coral Island for some water sports. Both of us did para-sailing and then went to the beach. I was suffering from heavy cold so I didn't venture into snorkeling. It's hot and humid here as expected. After we came back from the beach we went for the Alcazar show in the evening.

Today we visited Nong Nooch Village where they have a traditional dancing show. We also saw the elephant show. This was really something I haven't seen in a while. We saw elephants doing all kinds of tricks like playing football, basketball, bowling etc. Later we visited Mini Siam which is a miniature gallery (but outdoors, not indoors) with popular sites and bulding around the world created in miniature form. This was very good. There were many things from Europe and USA but nothing from India. I have taken lots of photos but haven't got time to upload them yet.

Tomorrow morning we go to Bangkok and stay there for a couple of days before continuing on to Malaysia.

I'll try and keep this blog up-to-date.