Submitted by amit on Mon, 2007-06-11 14:56

Apple today announced Safari 3.0 will be available for Windows XP and Vista too! That's great news! Since Firefox 1.0 I've been using it exclusively except when I need to visit sites with Indic Scripts. Indic script rendering is not perfect in Firefox. There are already bugs filed against it in bugzilla but Firefox community has not given high enough priority to fixing these bugs. This bug was promised to be fixed in Firefox 2.0 and that has not happened. Now we are waiting for it to be fixed in Firefox 3.0. Meanwhile, after Apple's announcement I downloaded the Safari 3.0 beta and see that though Devanagari text rendering is much better in Safari compared to Firefox, it is not perfect. See the images below for the rendering problems. Currently only IE (6 and 7) are able to render Devanagari text correctly. Will Apple listen and fix this bug before Firefox?

The images below show the rendering from these three browsers. I have marked the rendering errors with red rectangles on Safari 3.0 beta image. Firefox rendering is so completely hopeless that I didn't even bother to point out mistakes. IE6 looks perfect.

Devanagari Rendering Safari 3.0


Devanagari Rendering Firefox 2.0

Devanagari Rendering Internet Explorer 6