Submitted by amit on Mon, 2007-02-05 16:02

I have moved my pages (blog and photo album) to new address. This site was earlier available at I have now moved it to
The site is still hosted on home computers and Shraddha's site is still hosted there. The new site is hosted by HostMonster which offer to host unlimited number of domains with single account. They provide 200GB of storage and 2000GB of monthly transfter. What sold me however was the shell access. I always felt unfomfortable with FTP only access. With shell access I can just run 'vi' and edit files in place when something needs to be fixed quickly. So far I have found Hostmonster to be very good. Access speed is also decent.

During my site move, I also upgraded my site from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5.1.  With Drupal 5.1 came a shiny new theme called Garland which really looks nice. But my embedded Gallery application (which serves my photo albums) won't work well with this new theme. So I was in search of a new theme. I found Barron which looks very nice. I just loved this theme. But, with Barron too I could not get Gallery working properly. So I decided to start with the stock theme Bluemarine and change it to look like Barron. It took me a while to customize Bluemarine, but I managed it. Though it doesn't look identical to Barron, it is close, and the most important thing is that Gallery looks great.