Submitted by amit on Wed, 2006-08-23 16:51

I have upgraded my site to Drupal 4.7. This new version brings many new features. My original site theme was not working well with this new version so I had to spend some time adapting the default Drupal theme (bluemarine) to my site's original look.

Also new with this upgrade is my photo gallery is now embedded right into the Drupal site. I was hosting my photo gallery at a separate sub-domain earlier and that was quite a hassle. One thing still remains however. I have not been able to get the 'clean urls' working with the embedded version. Hopefully I'll figure it out in a next few days.

I have also changed the WYSIWYG editor from FCKeditor to TinyMCE. Last time I tried both FCK was much better than TinyMCE. But now TinyMCE is very advanced and I like it.