Submitted by amit on Fri, 2005-10-07 15:39

I found a new tool called w.blogger. It's a desktop blogging client. It lets you write your blog on your PC and then post it to your site. It supports several APIs. This blog is just a first test of this application. I am going to try and include a screenshot of this window at the end of this post to show how it looks. That will also be a good test of this blog client's capabilities.

Well, actually there are several such clients. Only that I found this one to be free. Well it is not as free as in Open Source, just free to download. Now that I have spent a little time with it, I'm seeing that the FCKEditor based WYSIWYG editor I have on this site coupled with the easy file upload facility, this works much better than the w.blogger interface. But I'm not giving up yet on w.blogger. I'll play with it for a while and see if I find something notable and report back. Stay tuned.