Submitted by amit on Fri, 2005-08-05 13:12
I bought a new GPS Receiver (NAVMAN 4410) to use with my iPAQ 2215 PDA. This is an exciting device. It's very small and can easiliy fit on the palm of my hand. It came with various mounting options and navigation software SmartST.

No wires required: Both iPAQ and GPS receiver are equipped with a Bluetooth wireless link. So I can put the GPS receiver near the windshield of my car and mount the iPAQ so that I can easily access it while driving without much distraction. Once you set the destination, the iPAQ software tells you turn by turn direction. Because of GPS it always knows where you are, so even if you miss a turn, it brings you back on track. A female voice prompts you in a polite manner when is the next turn and never gets angry when you miss a turn. Don't we all dream of such a well mannered and polite companion as a navigator :-)

More about it later when I get some time...