Submitted by amit on Tue, 2005-07-05 06:26
We're in Arlington, VA today. This place is about 7 miles from downtown Washington, DC. [G2:11232 class=left iframe=notebook] Yesterday we saw Washington, DC. It was July 4th celebration time. So many places were closed. But we were able to see all the usual places. Took a photo in front of the White House. Saw Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building.
We started in Edison, NJ and rented a car from Newark airport. Then headed straight towards WDC. It took us 3 hours and 10 minutes to reach Downtown, Washington, DC at 12:30pm. Traffic was light. No trouble at all. Then we had a lunch at a nice Spanish restaurant in downtown. Then we went straight to White House. We used public transport. Washington's Metro system is very nice. There were so many different events going on in the national capital area. Lots of people around. The weather was great. 80+ degrees throughout the day. But not too hot.
[G2:11172 class=left iframe=shadow]Before that on July 3rd we went to Atlantic City. We were not interested in gambling but in the beach. This was a nice trip too. But it took a long to get there and then back. The traffic was horrible. We had a nice couple of hours at the beach and then we had a couple of beers at a pub on boardwalk. On return journey to Edison, NJ we again met heavy traffic. But in all July 3rd also was a nice day.
Next stop is Niagara Falls. We are headed there in next few minutes. In fact as soon as I finish writing this. Shraddha is already on back to keep that laptop aside and get ready to go!
Let's see how Niagara Falls is!